Why cleanse?

In short, you are what you eat. Over time the foods that we consume, the air that we breath, and the environment we live in all contribute to toxins that accumulate in the body. Cleansing allows our bodies to eliminate these toxins and give our digestive systems a break from digesting food. Detoxification is an important element in healing and improving your life.

When choosing a cleanse, you can pick the amount of days depending on your personal needs. We’re here to support you in transforming your body, heart, and mind.

Your body will thank you for these 8 reasons

  1. Resets your body helping you release old habits and make new ones
  2. Nourishes your body with nutrients which increases energy and mental clarity
  3. Improves digestion and eliminates bloat
  4. Revs your metabolism
  5. Helps to create awareness around the food we put into our body and how it makes us feel
  6. Glowing skin
  7. Boost in your immune system
  8. Feeling of lightness

Order Your Cleanse Now!

  1. Pick Your Cleanse: Check out our cleanses below to see which one is right for your. Then select the number of days and number of people
  2. Pick your date: To ensure you get the freshest juice possible, you can receive your order on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Same day orders are accepted although some items may not be available. For 4- and 5-day cleanses, we will schedule a second delivery so that your juice is as fresh on your last last day.
  3. Choose delivery or pick up: We can bring it to you or you can pick it up at our Winchester store.


These traditional 1 to 3 day no-food cleanses have the greatest impact in the shortest period of time

Glow Cleanse


Perfect for first-time cleansers who need to kickstart healthier eating, or for those who don’t want to commit to a full day of cleansing. It’s designed to reset and detox the body, providing you with a glow from the inside out.

You’ll receive five juices and then you add in a healthy meal for dinner. Dinner is not provided by NYS but you can receive guidance on what to eat to maximize the benefits of your cleanse. The juices include: a.m. water; a choice of green juice and ppm (pineapple pear mint); a choice of almond or cashew milk; and detox lemonade.

Nourish Cleanse


This intense, all-day cleanse is our signature offering, designed to detox and heal the body. It provides you with vital nutrients that increase your metabolism, eliminate bloating, and increase energy and mental clarity.

You receive seven juices, including: a.m. water; choice of two green juices; ppm (pineapple pear mint); detox lemonade; choice of almond or cashew milk; and aloe water.

Purify Cleanse


Designed for maximum detoxification, this is ideal for greens lovers and those seeking a deep cleanse; it floods the body with vital nutrients and chlorophyll, and restores alkalinity.

You receive seven juices and no milks. Juices include: a.m. water; choice of three green juices; ppm (pineapple pear mint); lavender charcoal lemonade; and aloe water.

Juice + food

Cold-pressed juices with nutrient dense foods for the ultimate reset

Transformation Cleanse


This cleanse was created for those who want to transform their body, make healthy easy and find a new sense of oneself.  Our program consists of a combination of nutrient dense plant based foods and cold pressed juices working together to help you lose weight, detoxify and reset your body.

The results will amaze you!

The food will change seasonally & with availability.
You have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 days and if you order more than one day your food choices will be slightly different.