Boston’s first cold-pressed juice bar. Est. 2010

Lululemon Menu

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Items in red are a lululemon menu collaboration

Smoothies 16oz/12oz

Vegan smoothies, made to order with the highest quality ingredients. Add one of our boosters to your drink.

Detox and Glow: Antioxidant-rich and Metabolism Booster

acai berry banana, blueberry, strawberry, acai, lemon, date, organic coconut water  10 / 7.5

berry strawberry, cherry, banana, maca, house-made cashew milk  10 / 7.5

green glow spinach, pear, apple, lemon, banana, date, organic coconut water  10 / 7.5

tropical pineapple, mango, blueberry, chia, vanilla, date, organic coconut water  10 / 7.5

Replenish: Beauty and Immune Boost

strawberry banana strawberry, banana, house-made almond milk  10 / 7.5

Protein Rich: Energy and Focus

rise & shine house-made cashew milk, almond butter, Chilmark Coffee Company® cold brew, cacao, coconut oil, banana 11

almond butter banana, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla, house-made almond milk  11

deep green recovery organic coconut water, blueberries, spirulina, hemp, kale, date, banana  11

Cold-pressed Juices 17oz

Our fresh, raw juices are cold-pressed to extract up to five times more nutrients than juices prepared with other methods.

Revitalize: Beauty and Immune Boost

green goddess kale, pineapple, romaine, orange, cucumber, lemon  10

Glow: Metabolism Booster, Detoxifying and Digestive Aid

lavender charcoal lemonade lemon, Vermont maple syrup, lavender activated charcoal  10

ppm pineapple, pear, mint  11

celery organic celery juice 9

gut instinct cabbage, apple, lime, turmeric, ginger 11

Essential Elixirs: Heart Health and Anti-inflammatory

lean green kale, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, turmeric, ginger, lime  11

tropical cleanser pineapple, cucumber, turmeric, ginger, lime  11

Vitality Blends: Energy and Focus

get set kale, pear, cucumber, aloe water, E3Llive®, lemon, ginger  11

heart beet beet, carrot, orange, lime  11

Smoothie Bowls

Choose 3 toppings: granola, chia, coconut, honey, seasonal fruit / add .50

believe in magic blue majik, mango, date, pineapple, banana, organic coconut water, hemp seed, lemon 10

dragonfruit pitaya, organic coconut water, gluten free oat, strawberry, banana, chia, lemon, date 10

acai superfood acai, organic coconut water, gluten free oat, banana, blueberry, strawberry, date, lemon 10

pb&j strawberry, raspberry, banana, house-made almond milk, peanut butter, hemp seed  11

Boosters | 1.25 | *organic

Superfood Shots | 1oz *4oz

ginger 3

turmeric  3

immunity shot pineapple, turmeric, ginger, pepper  5*

Milks 17oz

Freshly made in-house.

almond milk purified water, almond, date, sea salt  10

balance house-made cashew milk, cherry, rose water, collagen, ashwagandha powder  10

cashew milk purified water, cashew, date, vanilla  10

matcha milk house-made cashew milk, matcha tea 11

blue moon house-made almond milk, coconut milk, vanilla, blue majik, ashwagandha powder 11

vanilla coffee house-made cashew milk, Chilmark Coffee Company®  11


lemon water purified water, lemon juice (13oz) 4

rose water purified water, rose (17oz)  7

aloe water purified water, aloe vera juice (17oz)  7

Coffee Drinks | Organic

Proudly brewing Chilmark Coffee Company® a small batch coffee roaster from Martha’s Vineyard


cashew vanilla (12oz) 4 (16oz) 5

matcha tea (12oz) 7.5 (16oz) 10

ginger and/or turmeric (12oz) 7.5 (16oz) 10

beet collagen house-made cashew milk, beet powder and collagen (12oz) 7.5 (16oz) 10


coffee (12oz) 2 (16oz) 3

cold brew (16oz) 5 (20oz) 6

cold brew with cashew milk (16oz) 6 (20oz) 7

Healthy Bites

Highest quality ingredients, sourced locally and organic when possible.


chia parfait coconut milk, chia, maple, vanilla, strawberry jam (strawberry jam, date, lemon, rose water & vanilla), fresh fruit 8

chia pudding house-made almond milk, chia, coconut flake, vanilla 7

overnight oats house-made almond milk, gluten free oat, cinnamon, coconut flake 7

oatmeal (hot) gluten-free oat, sliced almond, house-made cashew milk, fresh fruit 7.5


morning glory gluten free oat, almond, coconut, banana, cinnamon, honey, organic egg, juice pulp 3.5

banana coconut banana, coconut oil, organic egg, gluten free coconut flour, coconut sugar, chocolate chip, cinnamon, nutmeg,
vanilla 3.75

savory califlower califlower, egg, almond flour, daya cheese, garlic, baking powder, sea salt, seasoning 4


golden eggs organic egg, turmeric, vegenaise, dijon 3.75

Light Bites

zucchini pesto zucchini, pesto (pistachio, basil, olive oil, lime, garlic, pink sea salt) 8

tuna salad tuna, arugula, pickle, vegenaise, lemon juice, sea salt  8

gluten-free everything bagels Keto-friendly bagels made with almond flour, egg, mozzarella, and everything bagel seasoning. Served with our house made cashew cream cheese. 5

ask about our specials


Ask about our seasonal salads.

quinoa quinoa, arugula, pomegranate seed, slivered almond, extra virgin olive oil, lemon vinaigrette 10

brown rice, roasted cauliflower n’ chickpea dijon mustard, parsley, kale, olive oil, lemon, whit e vinegar, sea salt 10

seasonal 10

Sweet Bites

probiotic chocolate pudding house-made almond milk, coconut oil, avocado, probiotic powder, Vermont maple syrup, cacao, vanilla 6.5

tropical bite almond, pineapple, coconut, date, vanilla 3.75

cookie dough bite cashew, oat, Vermont maple syrup, chocolate chip, vanilla, cinnamon, pink sea salt 3.75

lemon bliss bite cashew, coconut, lemon, Vermont maple syrup, vanilla, honey and pink sea salt 3.75

Salty Bites

raw trail mix cashew, almond, chocolate chip, tart cherry, coconut 4

almond joy almond, olive/avocada oil, all seasoning, nutritional yeast, oregano, Himalayan sea salt 4

golden cashews cashew, coconut oil, tumeric, ginger, black pepper, Himalayan sea salt 4